Early Textiles Building

Early Textiles Building Gets $10,000 Challenge

By Roger Austin. From the Sept - Oct 2015newsletter.

With contributions received of nearly $5,000 dedicated to construction of an Early Textiles Building, the Museum has now received a $10,000 challenge gift to encourage further support. Conceptual drawings define a 32 X 40 foot, single story building with a small loft and a front porch. It would be insulated but unheated with no plumbing. At a nominal $50/sq. ft. the building and furnishings could cost as much as $60,000 when final plans are made. Another $10,000 challenge is promised for next year if the first challenge is met. We hope for significant in-kind labor from a local educational group, and a portion of the lumber needed could come from our own saw mills. The Museum has many talented members skilled in the early textile arts. As the group has grown, so has the need to provide a center where the early tools and equipment can be exhibited and where members can provide demonstrations and teach their arts. Project Chair Andrea Castle explained that their principal concern is preserving the arts and passing on knowledge and skills to younger generations. Your support can help make this happen.